flexAEM Custom Tools

We have put together a collection of our favorite tools to simplify the process of creating hydrologic or hydraulic features for your AEM groundwater model. The flexAEM Model Feature Generator Toolkit includes three Excel spreadsheet utilities for easily generating geometric shapes to represent lines, zones or boundaries with precise coordinate placement that enhances the precision and accuracy of the AEM modeling method. Using the Linear Feature Generator, you can generate straight-line or polyline elements with custom vertex spacing. Once a linear feature is generated, the line can be replicated with a user-specified offset to form a long narrow enclosed zone that can be used to represent a geologic fault, finite-width river or engineered trench.

Using the Shape Generator, you can create geometric shapes including rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, and triangles with custom dimensions, rotation, and coordinates. These zones can be imported into AnAqSim (or other AEM software packages) as individual domains to represent the overall model domain boundary; aquifer zones of varying hydraulic conductivity, thickness or recharge; engineered features such as permeable reactive barrier zones; or dozens of other uses.

In addition to our Linear Feature and Shape Generator tools, we have also included a Polygon Area Calculator tool, which allows users to determine the area of any polygon feature.

Each spreadsheet comes with a User's Guide and easy-to-follow graphic instructions. Quickly start adding precisely measured site features to your groundwater models!

Tools currently available in our Model Feature Generator Toolkit include:

  • Linear Feature Generator
    • Add a custom off-set to any line element in your model to create fractures or faults as well as other linear features such as rivers.
    • Create linear features with custom, precise spacing of your vertices to improve model accuracy and reduce errors.
  • Geometric Shape Generator
    • Easily create shapes for model boundaries, inter-domains, and site features such as trenches, ponds, infiltration areas or caps.
    • Eliminate the tedium and error associated with creating features by hand.
    • Generate a rectangle, rounded rectangle, or ellipse from any known point in your model and specify its exact size and rotation.
    • Check out a video demonstration of the Shape Generator Tool's capabilities HERE
  • Polygon Area Calculator
    • Calculate the shape of any polygon to estimate capture zone areas, calculate recharge volumes, or analyze engineered systems and other model features.
    • Digitize polygon points in AnAqSim, or manually enter coordinate data.
    • Graphical and data output display shape and area of polygon.

Get the Model Feature Generator Toolkit free with our FlexAEM Ultimate Tutorial Series bundle!

If you have any questions as you are using the custom tools, we're here to help! Send us a question, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you. Be sure to search our Blog for more information or to post a comment or question.

**NOTE: Our custom spreadsheet tools require that Microsoft Excel be installed on your computer.