AnAqSim Instructional Series: Exercise Set 5

Advanced Modeling Concepts

Recommended for more advanced users, The Set 5 Exercise Package provides instruction on more complex modeling concepts. Exercises included in Set 5 demonstrate how to calibrate groundwater models to observed conditions, create transient groundwater flow models and analyze transient conditions through time, and how to use third-type boundary conditions to represent adjoined model domains. Topics covered in the Set 5 Exercise Package include:

  • Creating transient models
  • Analysis of transient model output data
  • Calibration of models to site data
  • Use of vertically stepped domains to represent an aquifer with a sloped base
  • How to create and utilize third-type boundary elements

The Set 5 Exercise Package includes eight high quality exercises, all necessary modeling files, and all associated basemaps – everything you need to continue learning to model more complex hydrogeologic systems with AnAqSim!

And, if you have any questions as you work your way through our tutorials, we're here to help! Contact us or post a question to our Blog, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

It's time to take the next step to becoming a superior groundwater modeler – with our flexAEM AnAqSim Instructional Series Set Exercise Package!

**NOTE: Since our Set 5 Exercise Package involves the construction and analysis of more complex AnAqSim models than those presented in the free training package, a fully licensed version of AnAqSim is required. Please visit for information on purchasing a license for AnAqSim.

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