AnAqSim Instructional Series: Exercise Set 10

Transient Modeling

Recommended for more advanced users, the Set 10 Exercise Package provides instruction on how to create, and analyze results for, transient groundwater flow models. AnAqSim allows the user to first create a steady-state flow model and to include desired data recording locations (e.g. for transient hydrographs). It is then simple to convert that model to transient mode, run it, and analyze the stored results. This exercise set presents that process, including the important step of properly specifying the number and spacing of SVAS radial basis points that allow the transient aquifer simulation to release water from storage as heads are lowered by pumping (or take water into aquifer storage for an injection scenario).

Topics covered in the Set 10 Exercise Package include:

  • Creating transient models (e.g. adding a transient pumping well)
  • The process of moving from a steady-state model (for initial conditions) to a corresponding transient model (to simulate and store transient response)
  • Specifying time periods (stress periods), and the number and time-spacing of time steps within each period
  • Specifying SVAS radial basis functions for release from (or flow to) storage
  • Checking the adequacy of SVAS point spacing
  • Analysis of transient model output data
  • Use of hydrograph plots (both pre-set and “on the fly”)
  • Contouring of selected time step heads
  • Transient pathline tracing

The Set 10 Exercise Package contains instructional lessons, any necessary modeling input files, basemaps, etc; and a set of step-by-step completed AnAqSim files that you can load at any point if you want to check one of the exercise steps – everything you need to continue learning groundwater modeling using AnAqSim!

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It's time to take the next step to becoming a superior groundwater modeler – with our flexAEM AnAqSim Instructional Series Set 10 Exercise Package!

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