AnAqSim Instructional Series: Exercise Set 12

Saltwater Interface Modeling

The Set 12 Exercise Package focuses on the fresh-salt water interface modeling capabilities of AnAqSim including instruction on basic interface hydraulics concepts, and exercises that explore the flow of a freshwater aquifer in the presence of a dense saltwater boundary.

Topics covered in the Set 12 Exercise Package include:

  • The Ghyben-Herzberg principle that governs the depth and configuration of the freshwater-saltwater interface in AnAqSim
  • The “sharp interface” approach applied in analytic element modeling as a representation of the salt-to-fresh transition zone in natural aquifers
  • Methods for setting up single layer and multi-layer interface models
  • The fully-penetrating well assumption applied in simple AEM interface models compared with the more accurate multi-layer partially penetrating well conditions that can be applied in AnAqSim
  • Vertical saltwater interface upconing beneath a shallow water supply well
  • Lateral saltwater intrusion in response to pumping near a coastal boundary
  • The effect of different coastal boundary condition settings on models incorporating several different coastal boundary conditions are developed to examine the effects on the simulated groundwater discharge zone at the coast

The Set 12 Exercise Package contains instructional lessons, any necessary modeling input files, basemaps, etc; and a set of step-by-step completed AnAqSim files that you can load at any point if you want to check one of the exercise steps – everything you need to continue learning groundwater modeling using AnAqSim!

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It's time to take the next step to becoming a superior groundwater modeler – with our flexAEM AnAqSim Instructional Series Set 12 Exercise Package!

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