McLane Environmental AEM Modeling Services

At McLane Environmental, the tools and techniques of the flexAEM system evolved during their use on actual projects. These techniques were developed to analyze a wide range of hydrogeologic systems and engineered designs including wastewater disposal beds; fractured bedrock quarry sites; well field protection zones; groundwater remediation systems; and other consulting, engineering, and strategic applications.

These same tools and techniques, which were developed to meet the demands of real-world groundwater projects, are presented in the flexAEM tutorials and training courses available for download and purchase.

To see examples of the many projects in which McLane Environmental has successfully applied the analytic element method (AEM) and flexAEM tools, visit the McLane Environmental AEM page.

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Contaminant flow path analysis using AnAqSim
Interceptor trench design based on AnAqSim flow capture modeling
Pump test fitting using AnAqSim flow modeling