AnAqSim Instructional Series: Exercise Set 1

Introductory Concepts for Modeling with AnAqSim

This free set of lectures introduces you to the basics of groundwater modeling (aquifer hydraulics concepts, and common model applications for environmental and engineering project work) and then provides an overview of Analytic Element Method (AEM) modeling and the key features of AnAqSim (sub-domain method; radial basis functions for multi-layer and transient simulations; how its solutions compare with MODFLOW; etc.). No hands-on modeling is performed in this series; and it is not necessary to download or purchase AnAqSim to begin exploring its capabilities. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics, you can move on to the other exercise sets, which focus on a particular concepts and applications of the many features and capabilities AnAqSim has to offer.

Topics covered in our Set 1 Introductory Concepts package include:

  • Aquifer recharge, flow and discharge
  • Basic equations of groundwater flow
  • Concept of hydraulic head
  • Using head to map groundwater flow patterns
  • Darcy's Law of groundwater flow
  • Types of subsurface models
  • Typical model applications
  • Process of groundwater modeling
  • Benefits of groundwater modeling
  • Analytical Element Method (AEM) modeling
  • AnAqSim concepts and features
  • AnAqSim comparison with MODFLOW

The Free Set 1 Lecture Materials provide valuable information that will get you ready to apply the Analytic Element Method of groundwater flow modeling using AnAqSim!

If you have any questions as you begin to explore AnAqSim, be sure to search our Blog for more information or to post a comment or question. Or, visit our Contact page to send us a question directly.

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