AnAqSim Instructional Series: Exercise Set 8

Streams and Rivers

For simple model representations of streams or rivers two types of line elements may be used. If the seepage flow from the aquifer to the stream segment is known (e.g. via stream gaging) a specified line element may be used. More commonly a specified line element is set to represent the stream stage, and that controls the aquifer water level at the stream. For a better representation of the hydraulic interaction between the aquifer and a stream or river, AnAqSim provides a special river element that allows the analyst to specify the surface water stage and the conductance of the bed material, which allows AnAqSim to calculate the flow from the aquifer to (or out of) the stream. This set of exercises presents information on how to include streams and stream networks in an AnAqSim model using specified head line elements, and how those stream elements may be joined to a lake domain feature. They also describe how to improve on the simple stream representation by using the AnAqSim river element. Use of Analysis Tools to examine head and hydraulic flow to a stream element is also presented.

Topics covered in the Set 8 Exercise Package include:

  • Adding a stream to a watershed model
  • Adding a tributary line element to form a simple stream network
  • Parameters that define a river element and how to add the element to a model
  • Analysis Tools for examination of the hydraulics surrounding a stream element
  • Proper methods for joining a stream line element to a lake domain

The Set 8 Exercise Package contains instructional lessons, any necessary modeling input files, basemaps, etc; and a set of step-by-step completed AnAqSim files that you can load at any point if you want to check one of the exercise steps – everything you need to continue learning groundwater modeling using AnAqSim!

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It's time to take the next step to becoming a superior groundwater modeler – with our flexAEM AnAqSim Instructional Series Set 8 Exercise Package!

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