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McLane Environmental team members have presented short courses and seminars across the country on topics including hydrogeology, groundwater modeling, exposure and risk assessment, and wellhead protection. flexAEM system in-person training courses are the fastest and easiest way for busy professionals gain an introduction to the power, flexibility, and easy-of-use of analytic element groundwater modeling.

Upcoming Courses

The Quantitative Conceptual Site Model Approach: Maximizing the Utility of Your CSM

QCSM Short Course - Bordentown, NJ

In response to the State update on COVID-19, the course scheduled for March 17, 2020 has been postponed, and tentatively rescheduled for Wednesday, May 13, 2020

This half-day workshop is designed to take environmental professionals beyond the traditional qualitative Conceptual Site Model (CSM) by adding an overlay of quantitative information that sharpens decisions and provides documented support that can be important to an LSRP’s, or other environmental professional’s, practice.

The Quantitative Conceptual Model (QCSM) approach, which involves the merging of quantitative analysis results with the framework of a sound site conceptual model, provides a “functional” version of the CSM that can be used to guide investigations, assist in remedial design, and/or evaluate the effectiveness of a remedy, providing a well-documented, scientifically-based tool for sound decision making.

Instructors will present a detailed discussion of the QCSM approach, and will identify a series of quantitative analysis tools and techniques that can be applied in any project, ranging from simple calculations, to more complex analyses, including spatial data analysis methods, 3-D Data visualization techniques, and groundwater flow and contaminant transport analyses that can range from “back of the envelope” calculations to more complex computer models. Additionally, a series of practical applications and case studies will be presented, and attendees will receive copies of select spreadsheet calculators and modeling software (along with simple examples to work through independently) that can be utilized to add a quantitative component to their CSMs.

Rapid Design & Analysis of Groundwater Remediation Systems

Coming Soon - Check back for announced dates

A short course for environmental professionals responsible for designing, analyzing, and evaluating groundwater remediation systems.

Introduction to Groundwater Modeling with the flexAEM System and AnAqSim

Coming Soon - Check back for announced dates

A short course for groundwater modelers, hydrogeologists, and environmental engineers that introduces the concepts, software, and techniques for analytic element modeling of groundwater flow.

AnAqSim Short Course

Coming Soon - Check back for announced dates

A two-day short course that introduces you to groundwater modeling with AnAqSim. Taught by Dr. Charles Fitts, author of AnAqSim and the textbook Groundwater Science, and Dr. Charles McLane, developer of the flexAEM system.

Past Courses

Rapid Design & Analysis of Groundwater Remediation Systems

Last Held: Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Previous Dates Held: November 19, 2018; June 8, 2018; June 1, 2018; March 8, 2018; June 15, 2017; September 28, 2016; April 7, 2016; November 12, 2015; April 7, 2015; March 12, 2015; November 13, 2014

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