Rapid Design & Analysis of Groundwater Remediation Systems

This course provides an introduction to an easy-to-use set of groundwater remediation calculators based on the flexAEM system. LSRPs, LEPs, LSPs and other environmental professionals are responsible for selecting and implementing soil and groundwater remedies. The calculators covered in this course can aid in the conceptual design and testing of a wide range of remediation options including:

  • Pump and treat system
  • Collector trench
  • Slurry wall/sheetpile wall
  • Funnel & gate system
  • Permeable reactive barrier
  • Horizontal well or drain
  • Infiltration basin

Attendees will receive instruction, and participate in a series of hands-on exercises, in which they will evaluate aquifer drawdown; optimize pumping well extraction rates; determine groundwater flow paths, velocities, and residence times; estimate system capture zone extent; create graphics with groundwater contours and pathlines; and examine other aspects that should be considered when designing, evaluating, and optimizing groundwater remediation systems.

This course has been approved in the State of New Jersey for:

• 7.5 Technical LSRP CECs

• 7.5 Professional Engineer CECs

This course has been approved in the State of Connecticut for:

• 8 Technical LEP CECs

This course has been approved in the State of Massachusttes for:

• 7 Technical LSP CECs

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Groundwater Remediation Design Course

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